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The Spartan SRT Series is offered in the PRO, HD, XD, and Mark Martin versions. These commercial mowers have all the standard features of the previous models with the GT Trac for incline traction, easy touch brake system, and ergonomic cockpit, but with one added feature… the Smart Ride Technology (SRT). This consists of Middle and back Elastomer TecsPak® and front neoprene cushioning absorb any shock or jostling. The suspension under the seat is made for quick and easy adjustment depending on rider height and weight, for an amazing 1 ½” seat float. The rear wheels are cambered out 1 ½ degrees and actually pivot and flex into the frame instead of absorbing vertically. This creates a smoother ride and smoother cut. The ride and cut of these mowers are quite incredible.

Engine: 36hp Vanguard Big Block
                37hp Vanguard Big Block EFI Engine (Fuel Injected)
3 year commercial and residential engine warranty
Parker Commercial Wheel Motor
                Warranty- 3yr
                HTG 16cc Speed- 13 MPH
                Serviceable transmission
Deck Options: 61” & 72”

Std: SRT- Smart Ride Technology consists of torsional front forks and Patented TCB-3 TecsPak Elastomer on the back of frame and seat plate for a soft and smooth ride.
Std: Easy adjustable for operator weight.
Std: Extra Heavy duty spindles with 4 bearings
Std: Upgraded Seat
Std: Steering levers adjusts forward-and-back using soft-touch knobs
Std: Folding ROPS
Std: Stress Release Pads,
Std: Rear aluminum wheels, front hub covers
Std: chrome exhaust tip
Std: 10” LED Light

GT-Trac – Precision traction, balance and control
Change-on-the-go Precision Deck Height Dial with shock-assisted deck foot lift
6” Deep XTF Deck (Xtreme Turf Flow)
Lifetime Deck warranty (see full warranty for disclaimer)
Extra Heavy Duty cast aluminum sealed spindles with 4 ag bearings
Foot operated parking brake
Control Panel with LCD Display and indicator lights
Folding Role Over Bar
Torsional suspension in front forks
Elastomer pivotal suspension on rear tires
Elastomer adjustable fulcrum suspension under seat
Keyless, enter personal code to start keypad
Upgraded SRT seat
Stress Release Pads (arm rests)
Chrome exhaust tip
10” LED Light
24” rear radial tire
Ergonomic cockpit with 12v outlet
3 year Engine warranty
2 year Full warranty
3 year Parker Hydraulic Warranty – 1000 hours between oil and filter change